Paul started building harpsichords when he and his wife were pregnant with their first child, Katie, back in 1959 at a tiny studio apartment on Horatio Street, in New York City. His daughter, Katie, remembers trying to take showers and finding a large piece of wood getting a bend treatment in the tub.

(A) The design is of a 1620 Flemish Ruckers. The lathed legs are triangular at  the brace, with the front two legs offset from each other. Paul painted two latin texts on the inside of the cover: 1) Audi, Vide et Tace,” translating to “Hear, See, and be Silent,” or colloquially, “Shut up,” and 2) “Musica laetitiae comes, medicina dolorum,” translating to “Music is a companion to joy and a medicine for pains.”

Several of Paul’s harpsichords are finished with his repainting of a favorite from the same era the harpsichord style is from.

I added a few different elements from other paintings to the original painting. This guy must have been crazy.

I repainted the side for this one. I don’t know why I went with that pale blue.