Children's Books Illustrations by Paul E. Kennedy

Book Illustrations

As a full-time creative director at Dover Books, Paul illustrated countless coloring books, but as a freelancer, he illustrated more than 34 children’s books for publishers such as A. Knopf, MacMillan, Little, Brown, Dial, Nelson, and Dutton; and writers such as Walter da la Mare, Mary Ellen Chase, and Anne Sinclair Mehdevi. Otto the Grumpy Boy was a collaboration with his wife, Emily, who wrote it. He won 1966 Printing Industries for America award for The Persian Folk Tales, and is listed in Illustrators of  Children’s Books: 1957-1966.

(a) The Magic Jacket, a children’s book by poet Walter de la Mare (New York: Knopf, 1962)  (b) Inside illustration detail — “Although The Magic Jacket was originally published in 1923, this edition was the first to use charming illustrations by Paul Kennedy and to include nine other illustrated children’s stories by de la Mare, including The Scarecrow, Maria-Fly, Alice’s Grandmother, The Old Lion, Miss Jemima, The Riddle, Lucy, Visitors, and Broomsticks.” (c) A Penny a Day, also by Walter de la Mare (New York: Knopf, 1960)

Cover and illustrations for Dolly Moses: The Cat and the Clam Chowder by Maine writer Mary Ellen Chase. (W.W. Norton; 1st edition, 1964)

Cover for, and illustration details from, Persian Folks and Fairy Tales by Iranian writer Anne Sinclair Mehdevi (Knopf 1965)

(a) A letter from a young reader (b) Cover for The Secret of Solitary by Harriet Evatt (Bobbs-Merrill; 1st edition, 1964) (c) Illustration from pg. 25 mentioned by the reader

(a) Victoria: A Pig in a Pram by Mary Ellen Chase (W.W. Norton Co., 1963) (b) Grandma’s Holidays by Doris Adelberg (Dial Press, 1963) (c) The Dahlbe Family Horse by Laura Nelson Baker (Dial Press, 1964)

Cover and illustrations for The Seal of Jai ( Macmillan Company, New York, 1968) by travel writer Elisabeth Benson Booz.